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Things don't need to last forever to be perfect.

A) I watched Daydream Nation today and, eh, I don't know. It was shot gorgeously and the close ups of Kat Dennings' face were really pretty, but the film suffered from trying to be too much. You knew it was going to be one of those pretentious indies, but there were too many unnecessary miscellaneous side plots. In addition to the affair, there was a serial killer running loose, some deadly fog slowly making its way across town, that kid being a total creeper, some other kid finding his personal savior, and the Degrassi guy smoking everything except the cat to get high. Keep it simple, stupid! I don't think any of those side stories amounted to anything except dragging out the movie. What did the serial killer really have to do with anything except making me feel old when they flashed the headline in the beginning of the movie and the missing girl was born in 1993? What was up with everyone going crazy at the party in the end except to flash to Zack Files girl's sad face? Why did they suddenly make Josh Lucas pseudo-psychotic? THERE WAS TOO MUCH GOING ON AND NONE OF IT WAS GOOD.

Don't get me wrong - Kat Dennings was good. At times it felt like she was playing her usual sarcastic self, but she does it so well that I give her a pass for it. I felt for her in the bathroom scene when she tried unsuccessfully to scrub off bathroom stall slander aimed towards her. But I don't think any of her actions - hell, anyone's actions - were well-developed. Why did she suddenly decide to start up a thing with her teacher? Why did she get so angry after reading his manuscript? What was up with her seeing the dead stoner dude? More importantly, I don't appreciate the movie trying to present Thurston as the better alternative. I guess I never understood when it was that Kat Dennings' character decided that she was in love with him or even why. The guy was a total creeper! Within a second of meeting her, he was in love and fantasizing about an Amish life with her where she churns butter and hires someone to do some dyslexic skywriting. And then his mom has to score him a second date with her because he's too much of a maladjusted loser to deal and all of this somehow gave him the impression that they were in a relationship. PASS PLEASE. I am tired of the creepers getting the girl when they should be told to take a hike.

B) I finished the great Daria rewatch this afternoon. I forgot how much of Tom there was in the last season and a half. Ugh, I hated that dude a lot. I mean, there were a couple of eps where he wasn't annoying but, for the most part, there was nothing quirky about him therefore he was wholly unforgettable and boring and undeserving of splitting up Jane and Daria even for a little bit. Most of Daria and Tom's relationship consisted of the two of them apologizing to each other so it was kind of a drag. But there were still things I loved about the last season: the episode with the box, Quinn worrying that she and Daria would argue all the time like Helen and her sisters, and basically all scenes involving the Morgendorffers being familial in their own Morgendorffer kind of way. The ep in the second season with Daria's story about how she wishes things would be in the future is one of my favorite things ever!

C) My Justice League complete series dvds came in! So excited to mainline the complete series! I don't remember if I watched all of JLU so this should be fun. Annoyingly, they put the dvds in the wrong order, but a simple swapping out of the disc holders into their correct volume boxes made everything perfect. I love that the complete series comes in a steel box. Now I'm just trying to figure out if I want to do a rewatch of Batman: TAS first because even though it's been four years since I bought the complete series, I still haven't finished watching it all over again. I also need to finish watching Shameless.

D) If I have to see another commercial for that Shania Twain show on OWN one more time, I'm going to flip out. The more they tell me to watch that show, the less I care about Shania Twain's sad sack life! That don't impress me much, okay?

E) Meme time!
Leave me a prompt, a pairing, and a fandom (or RPF) and I will write you a three line fic.
DO ITTTTTT. I'm both in the mood to write fic and not in the mood to think about writing fic.
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