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He has a special signal that shines in the sky. It's in the shape of a giant cock.

A) I watched Kick-Ass and it was a pretty fun non-superhero superhero movie. It was so weird to see Joe Jr from While You Were Sleeping play a gangster! But not as weird as seeing Chloe Moretz go from calling JGL a dumbass in 500 Days of Summer to beating the crap out of everyone in this movie! Definitely the star of the film! That moment near the end when she's all Mrs. Smith and they start playing Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation"? AWESOME. Hit Girl was undoubtedly the best! She could, dare I say, put Batman to shame with those slick moves and that stone cold fuck-you-up attitude! She rocked the casbah!

B) Despite the reviews, I also saw Date Night as well. Steve Carell and Tina Fey were great, but much like this week's episode of House, I feel like the movie would've been a lot more interesting if it had better writers. You know, like Tina Fey! How hilarious would it have been if she'd penned it? I watched Baby Mama last weekend and couldn't stop laughing! That was, sadly, not the case with this one. But it was cool to see Leighton Meester not play the worst babysitter ever this time. The sex robots and Taste/Whippit scenes were hilarious (deja vu!) and Mark Wahlberg being shirtless for the whole movie made me think back to his Marky Mark days, but I expected more from this movie.
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