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14 July 2013 @ 04:35 pm
A) First true week of being a resident went well! Sometimes it was tiring and crazy and we got swamped, but overall I didn't feel too overwhelmed! It is a given fact that intern year is the hardest and will SUCK, but the first week, at least, wasn't bad. Let's hope it stays like this for a bit longer!

B) I just came back from Pacific Rim, which I enjoyed on a purely entertaining summer blockbuster popcorn flick level!Collapse ) What was the song during the end credits? Not the rap one, but the one after it? I tried soundhounding it at the theater but I got nothing.

C) Has anyone watched Orange Is The New Black yet? Netflix original programming is so hit or miss - okay, it's either all miss or hit in the beginning and then a very steep mess - so I don't know if I care enough to give it a shot.
I finally had some time to go see Man of Steel today! Henry Cavill's face was SUPER great, but WHAT was that movie?Collapse )


So hey today I graduated from medical school and now I get to tack M.D. after my name for the rest of my life and oh yeah


20 May 2013 @ 11:30 pm
A) So tonight I went to a screening for Fast & Furious 6 because clearly this whole month has been leading up to this beautiful moment. I was thwarted the first time there was a screening because I was in that eleven hour Iron Man marathon when Universal announced it, but this time I was successful and IT WAS THE GREATEST and I'm probably typing this from the grave now. We had the greatest audience because everyone was super pumped and loving every bit of improbable physics on display and most importantly laughing and losing it at all the right moments! The last time I had a movie going experience that great was probably TDK when everyone lost it at the cat reference.


B) Last week I went to a screening for The Kings of Summer which I loved a lot a lot A LOT. It was super nostalgic in the vein of coming of age movies that are not irritating. It reminded me of Stand By Me and had one of the kids from Super 8 (which I then had to rewatch!) so everyone should watch this whenever it comes out. I totally get why it was a hit at Sundance. The three boys were REALLY good and Nick Offerman hit it out of the park.


C) I meant to talk about this last week but The Mindy Project finale was FANTASTIC! It hit all the right highs and made such great song choices and DANNY'S FACE. MINDY'S FACE. PASTOR CASEY IS ALL ELBOWS AND PENIS. I love everything about this show, which is not something I would've said in the very beginning so it's very refreshing to see how far it has come. Let's hope S2 carries on with this perfection.

D) I wasn't crazy about the first hour of the Elementary finale, but then that twist happened!Collapse )

E) Last night's Mad Men was my everything. Apparently the only time everyone in the office is entertaining any more is when they're on speed! STAN AND PEGGY AND BEARDS AND MAKE OUTS AND ST. SEBASTIAN. I ASKED FOR AND WANTED NOTHING ELSE.

I went to a screening for Star Trek Into Darkness tonight! At times the 3D made me want to barf (four rows away from the front is TOO. CLOSE.), but at least the movie was enjoyable!Collapse )
So I went to AMC's Iron Man marathon today which means that I was seated in a movie theater for about eleven hours today and IT. WAS. GREAT. I probably have a DVT now from the statis but it was totally worth it because SOME COOL STUFF and Iron Man 3 in 3D was AMAZING. But before I wax poetic about that for a million words, I have to say that the marathon before it was really neat. I haven't seen Iron Man in theaters since it came out and it surprisingly still holds up marvelously. The sequel, which I loved when I saw it in IMAX opening night and then subsequently found to be sub-par when I thought about it and rewatched, only seems to fare well on the big screen. Like it didn't bug me as much that it was, in general, not great when I watched it tonight. I don't know how much of that was excitement about the whole marathon or how much of it was things being retroactively okay because I knew that the end game of The Avengers was worth it. They also threw in The Avengers in the marathon which means that I have now watched that thing three times in theaters in every possible format imaginable and I still find myself smiling stupidly at the little things. (Of course now I'm worried about the sequel for that, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

But all of that stuff was Marvel foreplay for the main event of Iron Man 3. It was FANTASTIC. If the trilogy has to end (and despite the "Tony Stark will be back" tag, it felt very final as far as this part of the Marvel franchise goes), that's the way to go out! They took every complaint people had about the franchise - the fights aren't long enough, the bickering is too bickery, Tony Stark is really maudlin about character growth - and MADE IT AWESOME!Collapse )


14 April 2013 @ 01:37 am
A) I've been experiencing a Jurassic Park / all things dinosaur renaissance like I'm a first grader again for the last week or so which has definitely not been helped by this beauty. A few days ago, I watched Jurassic Park III: Everything Is Terrible Yet No One Dies for the first time and it made me hate the franchise for a good hour or so because Tea Leoni didn't kick it and that didn't make sense. I also don't subscribe to any reality where everything in Jurassic Park is ignored and Alan and Ellie end up with other people. Jurassic Park III was some Speed 2 bullshit. LIKE PLEASE, was no one paying attention to Alan when he hugged smelly Tim and Lex in the tree and wistfully talked about how he'd have to evolve if digging up fossils became an extinct hobby. And then tonight I rewatched the original (STILL HOLDS UP! STILL THE BEST!) and then watched The Lost World in its entirety for the first time. The sequel somehow made me more angry than the third one because the people who lived through the events of the first one were behaving like they had no idea how a T-Rex functioned! EVERYONE WAS STUPID! Malcolm's daughter was in no way as cool as Lex or as entertaining as Tim so that made their mini irrelevant cameo at the beginning hurt even more! I wanted to see them tango with raptors again! (I also just realized that Lex is the dream girl in Angus - glad it only took like ten years for me to figure that out!) And yet I think I ended up really enjoying The Lost World only at the height of its stupidity when they decided it would not end badly if they transported a T-Rex from Isla Sorna to San Diego. I lived for all of the scenes of the T-Rex drinking from pools and chasing around buses while idiots drove their cars backwards into trees! The AU potential of big angry dinosaurs being let loose in California is ENDLESS! All I want is a hybrid of Cloverfield and that, told from the POV of people whose faces I enjoy as they try to navigate their way to safety while buzzed off Pabst and recreational drugs courtesy of James Franco! HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!

B) Last night I watched To The Wonder and I hated it even more than I thought I would. So many subtitles! So much twirling! Absolutely no love triangles when the entire trailer gave me the false impression that there would be a love square! The only moment when the movie got remotely interesting was when Marina and Neil had that fight where they started breaking shit, but it was so short-lived because as soon as I blinked Malick was back to zooming in on their hands and spinning around like idiots. I do not understand a world where more than one person wants to be with Ben Affleck at his most vanilla.

C) I'm enjoying how dumb Bates Motel is, but hating how dumb Hannibal is. I think it's because the former is campy idiotic, complete with the scenery chewing, whereas the latter actually takes itself seriously and thinks it's a good show instead of simply being a good-looking show. Mostly though I just want Elementary to come back for an extended period of time.

D) Meme time!
Give me a fic title and a fandom I'm familiar with (optional: and a character or pairing) and I'll ramble at you about how I'd write that story, who it'd be about, what would happen in it, etc., not!fic style.

In a few short months, people will be calling me doctor and I'm going to be responsible for their lives! The buck will start right here! It's exciting and insane and SUPER-DUPER NUTS and I. cannot. wait.
A) I went to see Stoker this morning and my eyeballs will never see such beauty again. Park Chan-wook's cinematography was so insanely gorgeous and meticulous and effortless that I want Hollywood to put him on retainer to direct every halfway indie film coming out until the end of time! I REALLY liked the movie despite the fairly weak script!Collapse )

B) The only trailers I remember are some Tyler Perry movie that Jurnee Smollett is too damn gorgeous and talented to be doing and this terrible looking movie with Jason Bateman and Paula Patton (but not Jason Bateman WITH Paula Patton, which is sad) called Disconnect. It seems like one of those Lifetime films about the dangers of technology that should star a Desperate Housewife, but THIS HAPPENED:

HOLY SHIT. Let's discuss how Jason Bateman's facial hair deserves so much more than what Jason Bateman is giving it.

C) The Americans was actually pretty great this week! I have no idea why we had to sit through three filler episodes before getting to an episode that would have been worthy of following up that kick ass pilot! Elizabeth and Phillip are precious as far as trained Soviet spies go and I really love their new handler. I'm too lazy for a cut, but the opening scene of this episode was superb and I really enjoyed it. I also love the creepiness that will probably lead to blurring the lines going on with the FBI agent and his contact.

D) I was way into Jess talking about how she couldn't stop thinking about Nick's mouth this week on New Girl because the next step is for her to put her mouth on his mouth and I am okay with that. I also caught up with The Mindy Project in time to watch this week's episode with Seth Rogen which was pretty much the most delightful thing to happen on that show since Danny danced in the club and it was GREAT. The best thing which also happens to be the worst thing about Mindy's show is that all of her love interests of the week are FOREVER-material so you never feel like they're just biding their time until the eventual Danny/Mindy relationship. I get really invested in them and want to build picket fences and sing songs about it, but then they never stick around! SETH ROGEN WAS A KEEPER.

E) It also led me to watch You've Got Mail for the first time in its entirety. Even with their dial-ups and two dollar Starbucks lattes, the movie has stood the test of time because I loved it so much that I cried like a big dumb sap at the end. LET'S FALL IN LOVE, TOM HANKS! I went old school yesterday and watched It Happened One Night and was so enamored by it that I want five thousand modern day remakes of it and at least one to have a sinister angle involving murder on the trip to New York. Please make it happen, Hollywood, because there is only so much I can do with a google doc about it.

That bubble is my sanity!
26 February 2013 @ 05:13 pm
A) I started watching Ripper Street, but am so uninterested in their cases of the week that it's tiring whenever Jackson is not onscreen to be alternately irritated or sassy and wasted. Matthew Macfadyen's character is the least interesting one of the lot so it sucks that the show is framed around his narrative.

B) I watched Smashed today and was a bit underwhelmed by it. The trailers made it seem like Celeste & Jesse (& Alcohol) Forever, but it was less about their marriage and more like a character study of the person MEW was playing, which would've been fine if they had marketed it as such! But I expected one thing and ended up getting a watered down indie rendition of When A Man Loves A Woman minus the compelling marriage stuff! The best parts of this movie were when the little first grader shouted that a doctor murdered the (fake) baby (HAHAHA, the line delivery was outrageously funny!) and when Kate and Charlie have their big blow out and she tells him that she can't be sober and be with him. I would've loved to see that play out instead of the way they actually followed it up.

C) I also finally finished Another Happy Day which I enjoyed but would have really enjoyed if it was all about the self-destructive siblings trying to navigate the fucked up dynamics of their family together instead of giving us fleeting glimpses into everyone's issues without really delving into anyone's specifically. I really wanted more of Elliot and Alice smoking pot and laughing about their vices and accusing each other of being shitty human beings who couldn't deal with their lives! I WANTED MORE OF THAT and less of Ellen Barkin chewing through anything that wasn't tied down.

D) Clint Mansell's Stoker soundtrack is lovely! I downloaded the score this morning because I couldn't deal with listening to it as one continuous stream last night (I don't have the attention span for that!) and REALLY love the "Crawford Institute (Family Secrets)" track! I dug the collaborations with Philip Glass too.

E) Speaking of awesome music stuff, the new David Bowie video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" where TILDA SWINTON PLAYS HIS WIFE is the greatest thing I've seen in quite some time. That is divine casting since she is female Bowie in my brain. In the Bowie biopic, she would play him. They might even be the same person, who knows? The video works because it's eerie and brilliantly weird and it is amazing that they found so many people who look Bowie-adjacent to be in it.

F) Jason Segel and Michelle Williams broke up and all I can think about is whether that means Busy has to now choose sides in which case she'll OBVIOUSLY be Team Williams and then what'll that mean for the Freaks & Geeks get togethers that I imagine they regularly have?


I've become invested in Aaron Tveit and Samantha Barks based on five seconds of fleeting interaction because LOOK AT THEM. I hope they're making out on the regular and power walking in and out of restaurants and being cocky musically talented assholes together. I want some House of Cards nonsense with them except it's about Broadway instead of politics and there is no grossness involving people sleeping with Kevin Spacey! Other than that, I'm tired of seeing the same gifs of JLaw getting grossly hit on by Jack Nicholson or people zooming in to a thousand at BCoop and Hugh Jackman running to help her when she tripped on her comforter dress. Yes, I was charmed when it happened but we can stop pretending like they were ready to throw themselves in front of a bullet! They're not douches and that's great but we can stop fawning over it now.